The butterflies could be a symbol of all utopias. So they could not be missing from the Ikarian Utopia! A lot of butterflies with beautiful wings, dancing all day over the colorful flowers and cause a deep impression to our guests!


Ikaria feels like home because, if you want, you can easily adapt in the pace of the island and take active part in it. This usually happens through music and dance to the famous Ikarian summer festivals. These usually take place in evenings to picturesque squares of small villages, where locals greet hundreds of people traditional grilled meat and plenty of wine, setting a partying till dawn. Lots of young people, dance traditional dances and most of all the famous "Ikarian dance"... A dance with his own steps and enviable rhythm.  

Kampos, alt Inoi

Inoi was definitely the oldest and most prevalent city in Ikaria. The ruins, which lay around the estuary Voutside (possible corruption of the word 'vouthysia'), beyond Evdilou on the north side of the island, telling of the glory. Inoi was built where today are dotted around the beautiful hill of Agia Irini, houses of the small village of Pera Meria Campos where the same village spreads to the sea. The city seems to have been the home Eparhides. An epitaph plate, belonging to the first half of the second example century and which was found in the wine, the name [...]