Cusco Studios: Vacations inspired from heaven!


In the middle of the island – Quality is our target.

Cusko studios are located in the center of the north seaside of the island, at the village of Kampos, next to the port of Evdilos. They are built on a hill standing right above the beach of Kampos, on the edge of the village and they provide a magnificent view of the sea and the inland. They have the advantage of being located centrally but at the same time away from the clamor. The apartments are spacious with large shady verandas and equipped with all the facilities: kitchen equipment, tv set, air conditioning, wireless Internet. Outdoors the visitor can find horticultural gardens, vineyards, trees bearing fruit that guests are free to savor in summer. On the edge of the exterior there is an ample kiosk where everyone can take breakfast or taste local recipes accompanied with our homemade wine. And donʼt forget that all of these are complimented with what may be one of the most exceptional views of the island.

Ikaria is an island in the Aegean Sea that enjoys a high reputation in Greece as a result of the carefree attitude of its local population. The ikarian traditional festivals that take place every summer are considered to be one of the best attractions of the island, an unlimited source of enjoyment, a rare gathering of people coming from all sorts of different backgrounds. In Cusco Studios we are welcome our guests to find their own way to the icarian space. 

Cusco Studios, a window to Icaria’s scenery and culture.

Our breakfast consists of fresh local products (eggs, honey, marmalade, figs, grapes, homemade lemonade, etc.) served in the Icaria Utopia’s kiosk, under the natural shade of stubble, accompanied with the magnificent view of the north coast of the island.
This is the best way to start the “exploration” of the place, so beloved by our guests.

The view to the nearby beach is unique. A unique experience for your moments of relaxation.
Our unique garden with colorful plants and dozens of butterflies will add a unique experience to your staying with us. Also, the grape vines and fruit trees add traditional notes in our housing complex.
At the spacious and fully furnished, traditional styled houses, we guarantee that you will experience unique moments of relaxation. In addition, our spacious terraces offer a beautiful view of the nearby beach.

Enjoy magical vacation in Cusco Studios.